Kelly Brook on domestic violence.

Laughs brazenly about assaulting the men in her life. Imagine any man coming on TV and saying he beat (no hetero) his wife and trying to laugh it off. He’d get slew.

Media and dem lot have been real quiet about her statements, kept it low key on a sly one even though she’s trying to bait herself up.

Bassboy & Jess - Why

Bassboy is deep inna da Bassline scene. The production on this is next level, add the vocals and it’s a masterpiece. Heard this track on Supa Dupa 2010. Type of tunes I play in my whip these times.

DJ Q - Trust Again (Feat. Louise Williams)

Classic UKG feel to this tune, some true talent in the UK that gets overlooked. DJ Q is one of the biggest producers in the UK scene, Bassline, Niche and Garage - he can handle them.

President T - London Warm Up

Allegedly off Stranger Returns (previously Sounds of the President). This track’s been out for a good 5 years. The beat is off Gotta Have It by Max B.

Theresa May went in on the Police.

The power play is interesting - The Praetorian class acting up/appearing to act up and challenging the Elites, therefore reprimanded.

Big H & P Money - Lord of the Mics VI Dub

Today will be a peak day in Grime.


Stranger Returns

Spoke with Big H earlier and apparently Stranger Returns should be out “in the next month or so.” Make of that what you will, but apparently Prez is working with Inside Music and them to get it released.

So Big H and dem BDL man are in Edinburgh - man and man had to go and watch that still!

A Neekish Leicester Grime Kid.

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